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Ich bin Viktor Berbekucz, Waffenschmied aus Ungarn. 

Ich stelle Schwerter, Dölcher und Äxte für Schaukampf, HEMA und BUHURT her. Meine Erfahrung, die ich in den 19 Jahren als Schmied sammelte, haben meinen Namen und meine Produkte bei den Kämpfern bekannt gemacht. 

Ich bin stolz darauf, dass ich so viele zufriedene Kämpfer als Kunden und als Freund kennen darf!


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I have been fascinated by swords and daggers since my childhood. At the age of 14 I have already collected books in this topic and in that time I started participating in historical re-enactment and fencing tournaments.

I made my first swords for my personal use and I experienced the stress of impacts that a blade has to be able to withstand.

In my effort to make each blade better, I contacted several professionals.  I owe special thanks to my mentors: Ferenc Temesváry, arms treasures expert of theHungarian National Museum who introduced me the theoretical funda-mentals and András Jeges, famous artifact restorer who taught me the basics of bladesmithing.

At the age of 21 I started designing my own workshop and it was great to experience the increasing customer demand for my swords and armours. I always pay special attention to quality improvement in order to completely satisfy my customers’ expectations. My work experience of over 15 years taught me to continuously learn at work as bladesmithing embraces more professions. Best teacher is work itself and best quality controller is the customer. 

I believe that customer satisfaction and their return is the highest appreciation of my work. I respect my customers and the tasks they entrust me and I sincerely hope that the objects I create will help them recall the past traditions and find great pleasure in them.

The Origins of Our Web-Shop

More than 20 years ago, I was connected to keeping traditions alive as an active historical re-enactor at the Salamon Historical Club and the Saint George equestrian order.  During that time I had the opportunity to meet many people:  other fellow re-enactors, collectors and craftsmen.  

Following this I began forging my first swords indiviually, as it slowly became my hobby and profession over time.  

I have been working as a sword blacksmith for 15 years and since then I have regularly taken part in European middle age and medieval fairs.

Notwithstanding, as a craftsman I stand for a creative nature as well.  With this in mind, I have a clear understanding for a historical re-enactor’s vision as an artist and strive to have their needs met.

That’s where the idea came from to create this web-shop, a place where my products are not only available, but other products as well.  Some of these products being in such short supply greatly offers an outlet for fellow tradition keepers to continue on.

I continuously try to provide a larger variety of hand-made Hungarian products to my customers.  With this, I trust that everybody can manage to find the right product and obtain the necessary complements for tradition keeping in their respective field.



Historische Waffen (Schaukampfschwerter, Äxte, Dolche, Fechtfeder, Museumreplikas usw.) vom Waffenschmied Viktor Berbekucz hergestellt.


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Damask Schwertklinge


VB Swordshop


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Ab Lager lieferbar, oder nach Verabredung

Sie können in unserem Webshop solche Waffen (schwerter, Messer, Axt, Dolch etc.) kaufen, welche in unserer Werkstatt hergestellt wurden. Wir geben automatisch 1 Jahr Garantie auf unsere Waffen, welche schaukampftauglich, und für Voll-Kontakt geeignet sind. 

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