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Veronika Wildová

Hello everyone :)

I play the digital piano and sing various songs.

My main genre is pop: 
Christina Perri, Dana Glover, Coldplay - mostly soft pop songs you could use at social events. 

I am also a singer-songwriter. My songs are gentle, melodic and written in English and Czech. 



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This is Veronika speaking, Hello everyone! 

I am a young singer-songwriter from Prague. 

I studied music in regular Music School in Kolín (Czech Republic). I started the band called Merely Wild in 2010 and toured around Czech Republic in 2011-2015. 

In 2016, I spent 6 months in United States, having gigs around Providence, Rhode Island and Boston. I also did several open-mics and then I returned to Prague to write happier songs and to start a new band. 

I am having shows mostly around Prague now, either with my music or with covers. I mostly play with my stage keyboard, or invite my band Divoko to play with me. 

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to meeting you and playing at your event :-) 


Krásnější ženy

My recent music video about women who feel to be less beautiful than the others. 


My English singl Freedom. 

Beautiful Car

My older music video about how is to date the guy proud of his new car

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